In 2017 I started a series of arrangements of plastic waste and garbage. These black and white photos are converted in negative.


In 2017 I photographed the “kustlijn” (coastline) of the Netherlands during a walk of 600 km. I started near Germany in Nieuwe Statenzijl end ended near Belgium in Cadzand-Bad. I am working on a book with a selection of 64 photo’s.

Book "Panorama Pieterburen Pietersberg"

In 2017 my first book was published by Lecturis. "Panorama Pieterburen Pietersberg" contain 72 panoramic views omade during a walk through the Netherlands.

Ruins of the Modern Age

In 2016 I started a series of photo's of stillifes, which look like ruined cities. I used small lights and flaslight placed between the objects.


In 2015 I photographed parks and woods. I converted the pictures in negative.