After walking and photographing the Dutch coast, I continued in 2018 with a walk from Danmark to the Netherlands, in 2019 to Mont Saint Michel, to Brest, Bretagne in 2020. The black and white pictures have the horizon in the middle and the sea at the right side, most of the times looking forward. You can follow my steps via Instagram: Renze_walks_the_coast.

The pictures form the base of a growing number of paintings: all oils on panel, 21×35 cm.


In 2017 my book “Panorama Pieterburen Pietersberg” was published, containing 72 black and white panoramic pictures of a walk through the Netherlands.


I gathered little objects from my environment, like small parts of packaging materials, tools or toys. In my studio I arranged them by colour and size. This collection was the source of my works. I designed landscapes by arranging these small parts on several tables and photograph them often from a low angle, using analogue and digital cameras.

The used items are not recognizable any more and will be referred to in an associative manner. In the dreamlike surroundings the used objects have lost their original meanings. The context, light, forms and sizes in the landscape evoke feelings of deserted worlds, lost cultures and landscapes filled with ruins.

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