Coast Paintings

The coast paintings are made with oils on panel, 21x35cm.

Renze Walks The Coast

I am walking and photographing the european coast. I started in Esbjerg, Danmark and have walked 3500 km alongside the coast to Brest, France in 2020. I am working on a book "La Côte" with a selection of the French coastal pictures.
You can follow my daily steps via instagram: renze_walks_the_coast .


In 2017 I started a series of arrangements of plastic waste and garbage. These black and white photos are converted in negative.

Book "Panorama Pieterburen Pietersberg"

In 2017 my first book was published by Lecturis. "Panorama Pieterburen Pietersberg" contain 72 panoramic views omade during a walk through the Netherlands.

Ruins of the Modern Age

In 2016 I started a series of photo's of stillifes, which look like ruined cities. I used small lights and flaslight placed between the objects.


In 2015 I photographed parks and woods. I converted the pictures in negative.